Contracting conditions


Point 1 – Booking and Reservation
At the time of registration you will have to deposit 20% of the total amount of the trip, not considering the confirmed reservation until the deposit is made.
The remaining amount must be paid at least 45 days before the departure of each tour.
The payment and billing of the tour will be made by the client directly with a reservation center.

Point 2 – Cancellations
The following cancellation conditions are set:
If the notice of cancellation is 60 days in advance, refund of 100% of the amount paid.
If the notice of cancellation is 45 days in advance, refund of 50% of the amount paid.
If the notice of cancellation is 30 days to 15 days in advance, refund of 25% of the amount paid.
If the notice of cancellation is 15 days before the trip or once the trip has started, there is no refund.

Point 3 – Necessary documentation
We recommend to carefully review the obligations linked to the necessary documentation that each traveler needs to enter the country where the tour takes place. The client will be responsible for having in order the necessary documentation for the country visited (Passport or visa if needed, vaccinations or other measures required by each country). The company is exempt from any type of liability if this last point is not met by any of the clients.

Point 4 – Personal insurance
We recommend to each of the participants in the tours, the contracting of an international travel insurance with coverage of medical expenses, repatriations, etc.

Point 5 – Itinerary
The stipulated itinerary may suffer modifications for various reasons. The customer expressly accepts any changes that may occur due to circumstances beyond the control of the organizer, such as adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen reasons that oblige the modification of the itinerary and / or contracted services.
The organizing company will not be responsible for replacing a damaged vehicle during the tour.

Point 6 – Motorcycle rental
Since the signing of the lease by the customer and the motorcycle rental provider and following the clauses and conditions of the signed contract, the customer will be solely responsible for possible damage to the vehicle.
With the lease of motorcycles insurance is included to third parties, with the possibility of franchising.

Point 7 – Lodging
The organizing company dissociates itself from any type of responsibility in the face of complaints or complaints from customers about any accommodation used in the tour. This responsibility will fall exclusively on the hotel itself.

Point 8 – Own motorcycle
The person who brings his own motorcycle to the tour will be the only person responsible for it, without the right to ask the organizing company for any damages caused to it by accidents or any other type of situation.

Point 9 – Cancellations
The organizing company reserves the right to cancel the tour or modify its dates, for reasons of minimum participants up to 15 days before the start of the tour.
In case of cancellation by the organizing company, the total value of the tour will be paid to the client.

Point 10- Audiovisual rights
All audiovisual material created in the tours is property of the organizing company.
The client authorizes the use of this material for marketing and advertising actions of said company.
The customer at all times is entitled to refuse to use this material, as defined by the Data Protection Law. For this last, the client must contact the company and communicate it.